the International Psychology Program (IP2) of UMM

the International Psychology Program (IP2) of UMM


Becoming the notable Psychology Faculty in the development of applied psychology based on Islamic values in South-East Asia by 2025

Facts about UMM

  1. UMM is one of the best private universities in Indonesia
  2. UMM provides scholarship for international students
  3. All its 3 campuses have a beautifully picturesque location
  4. UMM provides advanced modern facilities throughout all its 3 campuses: wifi, libraries, sport facilities, health facilities including its hospital etc.
  5. UMM provides more than 50 students societies, from art, sport, science, and also international activities

Facts about Psychology UMM

  1. Psychology UMM has been accredited A by National Accreditation Board since 2006
  2. It has several international networking which provide opportunities for students to both experience international academic atmosphere and gain international experiences, such as :
    1. Student exchange through short courses or credit transfer with partner universities abroad,
    2. Scholarship for transfer credit program throughErasmus (European Union) Program
    3. Voluntary programs abroad such as AISEC
    4. Annual international conference abroad,
    5. Regular foreign lecturer(s)
    6. Visiting lecturers/professors from partner universities abroad
  3. Based on its vision, all materials in Psychology UMM are designed to bring students facing real psychological cases, including an internship program at the 7th semester, and thus, they would have an excellent competency and would be expert in applying psychology


  1. IP2-UMM invites both passionate local and international students
  2. IP2-UMM aims to create psychology bachelor degrees who have: (1) a high level of international experiences, (2) an excellent competency to win global competition, and (3) a wide international networking
  1. All materials are delivered in English
  2. Curriculum has been adjusted with international standard and global market’s needs
  3. Curriculum are designed based on the vision of Psychology UMM which is the center of applied psychology
  4. International atmosphere: regular foreign lecturer(s) and visting lecturers/professors from partner universities abroad, student exchange programs
  1. Gaining international experience through:

at the 2nd semester = joining short course or attending international conference abroad (free program fee)

at the 4th semester = performing a presentation in an international conference abroad (free program fee)

at the 6th semester = credit transfer in partner universities abroad

at the 4th year = joining an internship program (in Indonesia or abroad) or joining double degree in the partner universities abroad

  1. Tuition fee is as international students (US$1000/semester)
  2. Full scholarship and tuition fee discount up to 25% are available for international students
  3. Free program fee for the short course and international conference abroad. Students pay their flight and accommodation
  4. The transfer credit fee depends on the agreement with the target university (could be enough with US$1000, could be having to pay extra)
  5. No more additional payment