بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

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Studying at Faculty of Psychology is not merely narrative, but indeed contributes to social welfare, "Applying Psychology, Welfaring Humanity”. The vision of becoming a center for Applied Psychology based on leading Islamic values ​​in Southeast Asia is realized through designing curriculum that equips students with practical skills to solve real social problems in a variety of settings. In the first year, students equip themselves with basic concepts of psychology. In the second year, students learn research methods as well as a variety of psychological assessments (intelligence, talent interests, personalities, children with special needs, performance, etc.). In the third year, students hone their intervention skills by means of individual, group, and family counseling, designing and conducting training in companies, and intervening community development. In the seventh semester, students will undergo an internship program in companies or educational institutions, while completing their undergraduate thesis. This curriculum design is capable of delivering many students to graduate in 3.5 years and on average of no more than 4 years. Let alone, they are equipped with superior competence and are ready to win job opportunities or become a psychopreuner.


For the purpose of supporting the implementation of this curriculum of applied psychology, Psychology UMM has one Academic Laboratory which comprises psychoneurological laboratory, assessment and intervention laboratory, and experimental psychometric laboratory. Moreover, Psychology Faculty also has four Applied Psychology Laboratories (LPT), namely: Psychosocial, Family and Child Growth & Development (LPT KA), Individual Development with Special Needs (LPT PIBK), and Industry & Education (LPT IP). Students can develop themselves or become part of the Academic Laboratory and existing LPTs. Through becoming part of the Psychosocial LPT, students will receive psychosocial training and later experience doing psychosocial assistance in disaster areas. By being part of LPT KA, students can be an assistant of teacher in early childhood educational institution Surya Gemilang which is one of the laboratories under the LPT KA or involved in assisting the process of handling cases of children and families. By means of LPT PIBK, students can engage in assisting inclusive schools or involved in the identification and handling of a children with special needs. By becoming part of LPT IP, students can be involved in a variety of recruitment activities, promotional selection , job analysis, and training in companies and government institutions that are collaborating with LPT IP .

Another additional value of studying in the Faculty of Psychology UMM is its Indonesian and international atmosphere. UMM local students come from various regions all over Indonesia. Thus, the students can learn about each other's diverse cultures in Indonesia and live in harmony. When it comes to the international atmosphere, foreign lecturers are always brought in every year to teach in the classroom, to give guest lectures, and to be a speaker in seminars or conferences organized by the Faculty of Psychology UMM. In addition, Psychology Faculty is always open for foreign students as part of the exchange of students who take part in short courses or internships at the Faculty of Psychology where local students are always involved in their activities. Therefore, the students interact globally. Multiple collaboration with international universities can give the opportunities for students to join international conferences or student exchange in the scheme of transfer credit (study 1 semester - 1 year) or short courses, some of which provide scholarships for tuition fee (fully-funded course)Furthermore, several university-level reciprocal collaborations such as with ERASMUS Mundus and AISEC also provide students the opportunity to participate in student exchanges, short courses, voluntary work, even further studies in European and Asian countries. In academic year of 2020/2021, The Faculty of Psychology is going to open an International class which accepts Indonesian and foreign students where the whole teaching and learning process will be conducted in English. Let alone, students will be involved in international activities such as conferences and short courses abroad.

By and large, studying at the Faculty of Psychology UMM. which has got A accreditation since 2006, guarantees the graduation in no more than 4 years and superior competence to win domestic and global competition. Let's become the part of Psychology Faculty UMM.


Muhammad Salis Yuniardi, M.Psi., Ph.D.
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